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Sunday, September 08, 2019

I'll start this off by saying that this is not only for makeup lovers and beauty bloggers. I definitely do not consider myself to be a make up guru to any extent but I do appreciate a good product! Bonus points if it has aesthetically pleasing, cute packaging right?! I always go for a very simple look and definitely a quick morning routine. Now that school has started for a lot of people, and just busy times in NYC, it's great to find products you love that are also perfect purse size!
One brand that I have had the honor of working with this year has been W7. They're an affordable (I'm talking favorites under $10) cosmetic company from the UK, making its way into your local Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and Marshals. You can also shop online at w7makeup.com !
Keep reading to see what products I use in my daily routine, pretty favorites, and what's on my wish list!

Here's my cute, little Caboodle where I keep all of my daily makeup or things I'm traveling with!

My #1 favorite W7 product right now is the Tinted Kiss Lip Oil. Each shade smells like strawberry candy and is made with argan oil so they brighten and rejuvenate your lips while having a subtle tinted gloss for the every day look.

Everyone knows I love good glow! Another essential to my daily glam is the Glowcomotion illuminating powder. I use this as a highlighter over some blush and also as a simple eyeshadow that will go with anything! For an on-the-go highlight, I highly recommend the Strobe & Go stick.
If you're looking for some extra sparkle, the Starry Eyes jelly eyeshadow is MAJOR and comes in the prettiest colors!

For a sun-kissed look, I'll use the Honolulu bronzer very lightly. It appears dark but I promise it blends so perfectly!

The mascara I am currently using on the daily is W7's Absolute Lashes. As you can see in my before and after selfie, it makes my lashes look so long while still being light and not too bold or clumpy!

W7's products are not only affordable but higher quality than some of the drugstore brands we all go to by default. I highly recommend you try some things out! I was drawn to the brand for the aesthetic and how their personality really matches my lifestyle. They've been one of the friendliest and most fun brands I have worked with and I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Make sure to check them out and shop my picks...

W7 Daily Essentials:
Absolute Lashes Mascara
Glowcomotion Highlighter

More Favorites:
Beam Me Up! (I love mixing this with my BB Cream)
Strobe & Go Highlighting Stick - the best throw in my purse kinda thing!
I also love the Blue Moon shade 
Even More Suggestions:
Galaxy loving, the Spaced Out Eyeshadow Palette

What I'm Wish Listing:
Life's A Peach Eyeshadow Palette - it just looks delicious!
Glowcomotion Extreme Ice Highlighter - can never have too much shimmer!
Candy Blush in Galactic - just peachy :)

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