Summer Beauty Faves & Self Tanning

Sunday, June 02, 2019

I'm not sure where spring went, but it already feels like summer in the city.
When it's inevitable that the makeup I put on will only melt away and make me feel gross, I go to these babies to keep me feeling refreshed and glowing on the long, summer days. Scroll to the bottom of the page for my first time, self tanning experience!
I received these Palmer's products in my Spring Essentials box from InfluenceHer Collective and I don't think I've ever used a PR gift more! I've never been a fan of coconut flavored/scented anything, but I'm obsessed with these. They're so natural and I get straight up beach vibes in the middle of Manhattan. The swivel stick is always on the go with me as the best chapstick! I use the facial scrub a few times a week and love the feeling it leaves on my skin. I follow up that with the moisturizer which I also use daily. Plus, these products are not hard to find and are super affordable! I will definitely be purchasing more Palmers this summer.

Next up, my daily essentials all year 'round, that I have probably shared with y'all 100 times now. If you can't tell, I like to feel lightweight and like I'm not really wearing makeup at all which is why I've always been driven to BB creams over foundations. I used to use the Rimmel London one which I LOVED but that brand is no longer sold in stores so I started to look for dupes. This Maybelline one is extremely similar. If you have any BB cream suggestions please throw them my way!
Okay, but actually if you haven't tried either the rose water or cucumber and green tea facial sprays, you are nuts! They're affordable and last forever. Trust me, I feel like I spray half the bottle every day.  I use this before putting on makeup, after to leave my skin glowing, and whenever I need to just feel a burst of freshness. It's perfect to cool you off during the summer days. ALSO, it comes in a travel get on that for all your upcoming trips or just a on the go essential!

If you know me, I'm all about that highlight! These glow-tos are my faves from a goodie bag of W7 products I was gifted from Bella PR. I mix a few drops of the Beam Me Up liquid illuminator in with my BB cream for an all over glow and little bit of a tan! For days I don't do that, I like to use the powdered Glowcomotion on my upper cheek bones, under my eyebrows, and as a subtle eyeshadow. Then there's Strobe & Go which I love because it's the perfect size for travel and long days out! The best thing is that you can purchase W7 online at or in stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, and Forever 21, so get glowing!

I received this Bondi Sands tanning kit in my InfluenceHer Collective Spring Essentials box and it might actually be one of my summer essentials because I am known to never get any color. 
I took it home to try out with my sister because I wasn't about to do this alone. First, we tried the tanning foam in the shade dark which had me terrified. We applied a few pumps using the mitt to each area of our bodies and then mixed a tiny bit in with the Palmer's coconut water moisturizer for our faces. We saw instant natural glows but nothing really tan even after 3 applications (each separated by about a half hour). The plus side with this is that it dries instantly so you don't feel wet or sticky and like you can't do anything afterwards! We went out shopping for the day and about 6 hours later we had very slight differences before we showered to fade some streak lines.
The next day we decided to try the Liquid Gold Tanning Dry Oil. Spraying directly onto the mitt, we applied it all over and left it on overnight to wake up golden! I was shocked at the results and feel so confident with this tan. People don't believe me when I tell them it's fake. Overall, Bondi Sands seems to be the perfect option for ghosts like me during the summer. It's super easy to apply, not messy, and blends so naturally. Price wise, I think it's pretty affordable for the amount you get. We each did 3 layers of the foam and oil and I still have so much product left! The foam and oil retail for $24 each and you can find them and other Bondi Sands products in Walgreens!
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