Winter Skin Care Essentials + Routine

Saturday, January 26, 2019

My daily and weekly essentials / skin care routine includes all these aesthetically pleasing goodies! Especially during the winter, we need to stay moisturized and feeling fresh.
Let me tell you about my faves and must haves + shop them below!
I've become addicted to the Mario Badescu lip balm, just like I'm addicted to the facial sprays #notsponsoredbutshouldbe. I use it every day, many times a day, and do some exfoliation every few days when I need my lips to feel refreshed. I got this peach lip scrub from the St. Ive's pop-up over the summer and it smells & tastes so good!

Daily, I use the Simple makeup wipes because they're the only ones that don't make my skin all red and puffy! About every other day or 2 I use the tea tree facial wash, which makes my skin feel so fresh and healthy. I love the smell of tea tree but a lot of people don't. Sometimes I'll switch it up with the Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel which I pair with the coordinating scrub! I got these two minis and a mini facial spray in one of Ulta's trio sets during holiday time - one of my best beauty purchases!

Post cleansing:
I love the Pixi Glow Tonic and use it every day in the morning on top of my makeup for a little dewy glow, and at night after washing my face. I love the smell and it really does make your skin glow! Then, of course I use the MB spray multiple times a day to feel refreshed, especially in the morning. The cucumber aloe green tea one is my fave! I recently started trying the Pixi rose tonic which smells so lovely but I only have this itty bitty bottle so I try not to use it too much.
Another daily essential - tea tree oil! I live for this stuff to prevent and get rid of any blemishes I have and highly recommend it.

My favorite mask: Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Whipped Brightening Mask. I get the travel size from Target because it lasts about 3 uses. I love the color, texture, smell, and how it leaves my skin feeling SO baby soft, I can't wait for Target to get their new Mint Chip whipped mask!

My daily makeup routine starts with a BB cream when I want a little all-over coverage. Right now I'm testing out this Maybelline Dream one, not sure how I feel about it yet. It blends well and adds a natural color to my skin, unlike others I've tried, but it may or may not be the cause of my break outs...we'll see!
I LOVE this GlamGlow illuminated moisturizer I got in my Sephora birthday gift. It smells like candy, feels super light and 'comfy' on your skin (I hate feeling like I'm wearing makeup on my face lol) and it adds such a nice, natural glow! I put this on my cheek bones like a highlighter.


I love the Pixi products I have now and they just released their new Vitamin-C Collection, and I'm a sucker for anything citrus! I definitely want to get the mini set for starters but if that isn't part of the Target selection, I think I'll start with the lotion, then toner - since I have so much Glow Tonic to finish first!✨

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  1. Your skin really needs you during winter harsh weather conditions, and skincare is essential in order to always stay gorgeous and attractive.

  2. I really see all these products for the first time. Maybe, it is because, they are not popular in my region. Anyway, I definitely should try them.