Museum of Ice Cream Pop Up!

Friday, July 27, 2018

As the ice cream queen, last weekend I made a visit to my castle...
Even though I wasn't here for the Museum of Ice Cream in NYC 2 years ago, I made sure not to miss their smaller, but just as fascinating, Pint Shop (Free & here until mid August people!)
It's basically a colorful and very aesthetically pleasing grocery store of ice cream related merchandise and of course ice cream. Then, you have the giant pint containers filled with fun!
The coolest thing was buying a pint and eating it there, just relaxing and enjoying the cool vibes.
They have 7 flavors, also sold at Target, and I tried the Chocolate Crush, Piñata (so good!) and then I bought Sprinkle Pool for my brunch! Yes, I ate the whole thing.
Scroll through my experience in pictures and check out what cute lil' purchases I made & what I wore below!

*My cross body purse is the brand River Island, thrifted for $12! I couldn't find it anywhere :(

I bought cute post cards with ice cream quotes on them for my mood board and then a hotel keychain that says "Key to my heart is ice cream," because obviously I couldn't leave that behind!

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