14 Cute Galentine's Day Gifts Under $20!

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Happy February!
Now it's officially time to get your 2 weeks in. Preparing for Valentine's Day? Nope, not what I'm talking about...
I'm talking Galentine's Day! So you can celebrate Valentine's Day whether you got a bae or not; here's the perfect excuse to buy pretty little things for you and your friends. Gifting people fun little things is always my favorite! Plus, I'm a sucker for the some of these cute products myself. I rounded up 14 awesome & fun gifts to give your gal pals, sisters, cousins, moms or whoever this Galentine's Day - all under $20!
4. Fun Valentine Socks @ Target - $4
5. "I hate everyone but us" Best Friends Pin Set - $13
6. "I'll never leaf your side" Best Fronds Pin Set - $18

7. Monogrammed Travel Mug - $17
8. Mario Badescu Hit Refresh Set (AMAZING!) - $12
9. Benefit Double Up & Glow Liquid Highlighter Duo - $10
10. DIY Jar of Fun/Beauty
I love the idea of just filling up a little mason jar or cute mug, etc. with fun little things like beauty products, gift cards, candy, socks, and whatever else you want. It's a cute, easy, cheap, and personalized gift for someone special!
11. Rainbow Sherbert Milkshake Bath Bomb Set (so cute!!) - $14

It's a day to hang with the ladies, drink some wine, pretty little things, and eating ALL THE CHOCOLATE! 


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  1. These are such great gifts, Brooke! I love the little jar of treats.