Winning Winter Like An Olsen

Monday, January 15, 2018

Today's style inspiration? Mary-Kate & Ashley in Winning London!
One of my favorite finds for winter is this wool/suede bucket hat. I found it in a little consignment shop with my dad and we both laughed about how I definitely had the same one in baby blue when I was a kid. I had to have it. There's so much I had when I was younger or that my mom used to have that I would love to wear again now, but of course those things are long gone. I put on this hat and immediately felt an Olsen twin vibe; as I did with the pink floral halter dress I thrifted over the summer. I call it the 'MK & A early 2000s' style. I used to be obsessed with them and had all their movies, books, dolls and clothing lines! I'd definitely give some of my fashionista credit to them.
Anyways...I wanted to completely channel the Winning London style with my trench coat, and my striped bell sleeve sweater just kind of fit what I was going for. I love wearing things that remind me of the late 90s/early 2000s fashion, so I was really excited about this look. I will be wearing this cute, comfy and warm hat so much now! The jeans and boots are just what I had left at home, not what I would typically throw on if I was at school with my full wardrobe, but it worked for today.

*Looking like I'm about to help the Olsen twins solve a mystery...*

Striped bell sleeve sweater, Marled by Reunited Clothing brand from T.J.Maxx.
Army green wool trench coat from Forever21 purchased years ago.
Thrifted GAP mid-rise straight classic jeans.
Thrifted shearling & suede bucket hat.
Thrifted Tommy Hilfiger riding boots.

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