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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Everyone loves a good wallpaper whether it be on your phone, computer, or other devices. I've spent HOURS scrolling through Pinterest for cute ones, only to get sick of them shortly after and have to start all over. But it's a little something you see all the time that can just make you smile or brighten your day, so it's gotta be good!
I decided to create this post, providing you all with the cutest of wallpapers I can find, hopefully saving you a super long trip to Pinterest.
I decided to send you over to the Her Campus online shop. They have FREE instant downloads (once you 'add to your cart/check out' you'll get them in your email). They have all sizes of devices to choose from too.
I've had the "twenty-something gang" one from the Summer 2017 collection on both my laptop and phone for so long now cause it's just so cute and that little touch of Gilmore Girls (revival) ya need!
The Summer 2017 collection includes some summer-related things but also has some simple and fun graphics like these ones...

The other collection I love and downloaded for both my desktop and phone, is 'Feminist.'
I love these because they're nice and simple, denim backgrounds, and obviously for the girl power!

Make sure to check out all that HCXO has, theres some super cute accessories, drink-ware, supplies & STICKERS! + More freebies!

I'll have some more fun wallpapers for you soon :)

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