Studded Details

Saturday, September 16, 2017

If you didn't know this, I basically have a sixth sense...spotting anything Tommy Hilfiger. From a mile away, without a tag, without a logo, I can just tell. So when I go thrifting I'm always on a hunt for that vintage TH. On one lucky day, I found these flared jeans with gold studs down the side and around the waist and I fell in love.
I love flared jeans but I don't always love having to wear heels with them because I'm too short. I wore my go-to little black booties and a simple black tee. My denim choker tied together nicely with the jeans and my oversized marble sunnies were a must!
We shot downtown in the West Village and there was the cutest Vespa on one street and I thought it would look so cool with my jeans. So edgy for me, but it worked, right?!
Side note: I can't wait for the new Tommy X Gigi collection that comes out in 3 days. It's rock music themed and these jeans would actually fit with it so perfectly!
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