Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sometimes I just wake up, put on some clothes, change my outfit 5 times and throw everything on the floor. Other times, I lay in bed falling asleep at night and think on and on about what I'm going to wear the next day.
I recently started working at two boutiques downtown so it's kind of my job to look cute, right?
I love to use the Polyvore app while laying in bed to plan outfits.
I find similar pieces or exact pieces to what I own and just play around with different ideas until I really like how something looks. 
I also look at the weather of course to start a base of an idea. If its going to be super warm I know I will want to choose a sundress or romper and if it is chillier out or supposed to rain then I will want to find a nice pair of pants and a cute top!

So this was what I planned for myself to wear to work last week, and it worked out perfectly!

And this is what I plan on wearing this week!

(Always updating when I can find exact items)

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