Friday, April 14, 2017

My mom wants me to name this post "Suburban Blonde Back in Suburbia."
So, I'm back home for spring break and the weather has actually been pretty nice here in upstate NY!
I try to pack light coming home, basically just lounge clothes for relaxing in, so I raided my little sister's closet for this look.

 She had this super cute distressed overall dress.
I paired it with a tassel hemmed crop top I had and did a messy, half-up bun for what my family called a "country girl" vibe.
Then, I threw on my blush, velvet babes from Steve Madden with a lavender, velvet gem choker!

Seriously, these sneakers are the perfect touch to any look and I think tassels are my new favorite thing for spring (this is the first of many tassel details.)
I'm also having this new craze over fancy choker's I'm finding at Forever21, and they're so affordable!

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