Sunday, April 23, 2017

I think this is the first year I've really been like, "Wow, I wish I was at Coachella."
The vibes, the music, and mostly the fashion!!
I thought I would throw together an outfit that was slightly inspired by the festival; a spring boho look!

My new thing to do with my hair are these little braids going back, let down or tied back into a high pony!
(My roommate likes to call me Post Malone when I do this lol)

I got this cute off-the-shoulder embroidered top at the thrift store, the brand is called Mine. 
And of course, I'm loving the flared everything trend lately so I wore my dark wash flared jeans that I also thrifted!

As for the accessories, I borrowed my roommates heeled sandals because I'm too short for these jeans, as well as her tortoise sunnies. I used my Guess mini tote that is my go-to (thrifted) and I wore a homemade beaded choker necklace.

Thrifted finds in this look:
Top - $10
Jeans - $5
Purse - $20

DIY choker costs about $3

*having a roommate with cute shoes & sunnies - priceless!*

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