Thursday, March 16, 2017

I think I've come to the conclusion that Spotify is my true love.
I mean, without music where would I be?
Probably in a deep, dark hole somewhere if I'm being honest...
I'm always listening to music whether it be live or online; and it is the best thing to put you in a good mood or block out the world.
I'll be honest, my Spotify isn't the most organized, but it works for me.
My playlists consist of acoustic covers, songs that give me all the feels, country, some chill vibes, classic throwback jams, a playlist of Christmas and holiday songs (because who doesn't have one of those?), girl power hits, and some upbeat faves.

Lately, I've been wanting something refreshing but I haven't fallen in love with enough recent releases to make a playlist out of them so I decided to mix it up.
It was March 14, 2017 and NYC was hit with a blizzard, classes were cancelled, I slept in until 2:30 PM and I stayed in bed all day...oops!
As lazy as I was being, I had the urge to just create something and I started listening to a touch of each playlist. I was feeling the relaxed vibes, but also enjoyed the upbeat songs I could dance in my bed and belt out the lyrics to. This is how my Staying In Faves playlist was created.
It is a compilation of songs, from all different genres, that I have loved for as long as 10 years or as short as the last couple months.
I love listening to it on shuffle because you never know what song is going to pop up next and bring back all the nostalgia!

So next time you're just chilling out, take a listen to this random playlist I created and let me know which song or artist on it is your fave!

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