Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day doesn't have to just be for those with significant others...why not spend the day showing your girls how much you love them!
Picking out cute little gifts for your friends can be so much fun and spread the loving vibes.
Here are some ideas of things you can put together for the perfect, girly bundle of love!

These are so cute, right?! Plus, everything on this site is $1....seriously!
And while you're checking out some lipsticks, a matching bag is probably a good move too.
Check out Miss A's collection of pouches here.
The lipsticks apply so nicely and have great pigments and the bags have great quality as well so snatch some up before they sell out!

This perfume I received in the mail from Define Me and it is the perfect floral, sweet scent for every day wear or special occasions. The scent really lasts too!

A girl loves an new pair of panties...maybe even two!
Send a sweet surprise to your fave gal(s) while also donating to charity.

You know how we're always wishing we had a little brush when we are out somewhere? Well this comb is perfect for the girl on-the-go! + They're so pretty!

Girls love to take pictures and there's no harm in doing so! Give your friend something that will make fun memories last forever with an instant camera.

This book is pretty cute, funny, and relatable to any pair of best friends. Anytime your girlie will open it, she'll think of you and your amazing friendship!

Mascara is basically a girl's best friend. This mascara will not only let a girl remember there are things better than boys in the world, but it also just might be the best mascara she's ever tried!

Got a girl that loves to bake? Give her this adorable Valentine's themes mason jar filled with all the ingredients to bake some cookies! Hey, even for a girl who can't bake this looks pretty good!

It's just a classic no one can go wrong with. Something as simple and cute as this will make any girl's day!

Happy Galentine's Day celebrating ladies!
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