Monday, January 02, 2017

I think my favorite Christmas gift this year was the Too Faced Merry Kissmas Set!
I've been wanting to try their liquid lipsticks for a while but never wanted to splurge the $21. With this set I got 4 mini versions of the shades Chihuahua, Chocolate Honey, Fig, and Matte Lady Balls.
I'm going to give my own little review on them because I'm so in love!

I really love the Chihuahua shade. It's a nice pigment for every day glam, having the perfect mix of pink and nude.
The Chocolate Honey shade is a light nude, perfect for my lighter looks. Plus it has such a yummy, chocolatey scent! Never have I ever thought I would love a brown toned lipstick.
Fig wasn't what I expected it to be comparing it to the tube color, but it is still a beautiful shade of purple, not too dark but just right for my darker looks since I'm not a fan of dark lipstick on myself.
Finally, the matte one in the shade Lady Balls is a classic and fabulous red that goes is basically a long lasting velvet paint!

I'm now obsessed with Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks and will buy more in the future. The application is so easy and smooth, the pigments are amazing and they last throughout the day even through drinking and eating. The best thing when comparing them to other liquid lipsticks is that they definitely do not feel dry at all. It feels like I'm barely wearing any product and almost like they make my lips feel smoother!

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