Saturday, June 18, 2016

TRESemmé has a new collection of products that add volume to your hair.
All you have to do is work backwards!
To #ReverseYourRoutine you start with the conditioner and end with shampoo for an increase of volume. 
Thanks to Influenster I got these products for testing purposes but my review is 100% my own opinion!
(Who doesn't take selfies with their hair products?!)
I have pretty thin and long hair which gets tangled super easily after getting wet.
After trying this routine a few times I decided that to get the best results I need to do this:
1. Put in conditioner, tie it up into a messy bun and leave in for 1 or 2 minutes, then rinse
2. Put shampoo in, leave in for a minute and rinse.
3. Put in a small amount of conditioner back on, mostly at the top of my head just to hydrate and smooth my hair for brushing.
When I'm out of the shower I usually spray It's a 10 on my hair to detangle it, without it I literally can't brush my hair out.
Now here's why these TRESemmé products are going to be my new go-to...
I didn't need to use any detangling spray and for once my hair didn't dry frizzy or puffy!
My hair has been super soft and really does have a bit more volume to it.
These products also smell delightful!
I would definitely recommend trying this collection and see how it can work with your hair. 
Like I did with adding more conditioner afterwards, you can try new things to see how you can get the best results!

Click to get your reverse routine started!

I wish you all happy & healthy hair!

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