Friday, April 08, 2016

As the weather starts to heat up, the clothing is getting lighter, and the summer plans are being made, some of us have the desire to tone up our "summer bods."
Not only do you need the desire, you need the drive.
If you know me personally, you know I am not the most athletic college student, nor have I ever really been into working out a lot.
Recently, I developed this urge to workout and set a goal to tone up my body.
I am all for body positivity and body confidence, no matter what body you have!
You don't have to do all these elaborate workouts or crazy diets (trust me, I have cheat day everyday!) This is where my little guide might come in handy for you!
I have come up with a pretty solid daily routine that is simple and easy but can also give you the results you are looking for.

First, you need the inspiration.
Whether it's looking at all the fitness models and girls on instagram, or reading motivating quotes, we all have something that motivates us.
And don't be afraid to just start because it really is never too late!
I had a mindset that I wasn't in shape and wouldn't be able to do effective workouts or keep up with them, I was wrong. You really only have to do what you feel comfortable doing at the time and just build from there.

Now time for the guide...

Drinking enough water is key to your health even outside of working out.
I had a friend who would respond to anyone's complaints with "you're dehydrated."
Have a headache? You might be dehydrated (or maybe just coffee deprived.)
So always make sure you're drinking a lot of water. I have been drinking more water than usual lately and it really does give you a refreshing and energized feeling!
I also love adding fruit to my waters for a little flavor.
If you're into juices, you can also try the Bai drinks. They're actually good for you; having only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar per bottle and natural caffeine from a coffee fruit (where can I get seeds to plant my own?)

More on the healthy eating & drinking side, anything made with fruits!
Smoothies made with fruit and yogurt can be delicious. Plus there are so many different ways to make them and different flavors to try, you'll never get bored!
Eating fruit in general every day is great for you too.
I'm not a big fruit or veggie person because I'm so picky but I have been eating an apple everyday at least once and it makes me feel healthy and energized.

You're going to need some athletic gear to wear when you work out, so you might as well get the stuff that will make you look fabulous!
Having cute sports bras, leggings, or sneakers makes me more excited to work out. It's like motivation in the cutest and most expensive way.
But don't get me wrong, you can find plenty of cute gear at affordable prices at Target, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx/Marshalls, or even consignment shops!
Looking good will give you that extra boost of confidence to get you moving.

Gym equipment might be a little intimidating but it's actually super easy and relaxing!
Everyday I will go on the elliptical in my gym for 30-40 minutes, sometimes 20 if I am doing other workouts that day. I like this the best because it's like getting the workout of running, but you don't actually have to run! You could go for a treadmill too but this is more fun to me!
I also love bike riding during warm weather so when I can't do that I just hop on the bike machine.
30 minutes goes by fast and even if you just do that as your workout for the day you will feel great!

This workout is what makes my body ache and leaves me feeling great the next day!
I have exercises that I like doing written in my notes in my phone.
They're pretty simple, not too elaborate or difficult.
Here's what I have so far:

Side note: When I am home I have access to light weights so I use those to work my arms and I also have a weighted hula hoop for my abs which I love!

I do the elliptical for at least 30 minutes every other day (with a 15 minute ab/arm workout after.)
 On the other days, I do the full ab & arm workout so I will do the elliptical for only 20 minutes.

My favorite part after a good workout is walking around campus on a sunny day to cool down and relax. This is so much better than just going straight back into my room and straight into the shower.
You can turn walking into a workout itself, especially here in the city of hills.

Working out wouldn't be as fun and relaxing for me without music.
Spotify has its own "Cardio" playlist which is great, so I decided to take my favorite songs from that and add them with some of my own upbeat & motivating songs, perfect to work out to!
This playlist will be constantly growing.

I've only been living by this routine for maybe 2 weeks now and already feel healthier and more confident than I have ever been.
And remember, results don't come easy.
The only bad workout is the one you skip!

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