Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy first day of classes for the semester to me!
I only had 2 classes today and was done by noon so that was really nice. I then went to my campus' Starbucks of course and got to see my lovely barista ladies, that just made my day!
Then I had to spend over an hour searching for a new elective to take that wasn't in my major and didn't require any previous class, so that was a ball of fun (sarcasm...)
The rest of the day was back and forth walking across campus to go to a meeting and picking up/buying my text books. Now finally, I can relax & chill in my cozy bed and sweatpants!
Here are some pics of my ootd...including the Brandy Melville shirt you've all seen before, some new PINK leggings, and my Sperry Duck Boots!
& bundling up for the cold!
My big puffy jacket is North Face & my fave blanket scarf is sold out from Hollister (they have other colors available online!)

Now time for a look at my dorm room!
This is my pretty little corner, with all of my favorite things, that I'm in love with!
This is the cutest painting that my 6 year old cousin made for me, hanging right over my bed!
Here is the view from my bed, it's nice because the snow is pretty (when I'm not outside in it) and I love to people watch. Im also right next to a dining hall!
& here is the "living" area of my common room. We also have a bathroom and a little kitchen area with our fridges, microwave, coffee makers, and table!
I hope you enjoyed this recap of my day & a little look into my college life!
Good luck to everyone starting classes this week!
& if you need some inspiration,

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