Friday, January 01, 2016

On Wednesday I went on a little coffee date with one of my besties who I haven't seen in months.
It was really cold out and I had a long day so I kept things simple & comfy!
Typically I got a white mocha iced coffee...try it!

I'm wearing my brand new "Rien A Porter (Nothing to Wear)" cropped sweatshirt from Forever 21 which I've wanted forever but it's sold out online; luckily I found it in a store!
With that, my usual sky-high jeggings from American Eagle, which they no longer carry & my adidas (not a surprise.)
My trench coat is also from Forever 21, YEARS ago! I haven't worn it in so long because it's missing most all of its buttons, but I'm glad I grabbed it on my way out the door today because I found $10 in the pocket!
Lastly, I'm wearing one of my new fave lippies (NYX Suede) which I plan on talking about in a future post!

* All these pictures were taken by the lovely Miranda over at so make sure to check her out!

& now a little extra for this post...
My hair is a long story ever since I took a color risk in June and moral of the story is when you ask for strawberry blonde high lights make sure your hair dresser doesn't dye your whole head red!
I naturally have dirty blonde hair but it gets super dark in the winter. The blonde you see is way lighter than what was growing in (because of the process to get the red dye out.) So today I got it retouched a bit & a very good trim because I NEEDED it!
& If you know me, you know I love my long hair so this was a little hard for me.
But here's the transition from June until now & I'm very excited about the outcome!
 Also, now that it's shorter I can do half-up buns!

(another NYX Suede Lipstick shade)
& fun fact, I'm getting my braces off in just 2 weeks!

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