Monday, December 07, 2015

My two absolute favorite beauty products that I can't live without are lipstick & mascara

I'm pretty picky with my lipsticks. They have to be creamy & soft, but not too glossy, 
and pigmented, but not too bold.

I picked out 4 of my favorite lipsticks.
For my everyday look, I usually go for the nudes like a taupe or a subtle mauve.
During spring & summer, I love the bright corals and pinks,
and for holiday times I love this iridescent fuchsia.
For cheap lipsticks that still work great, NYX kills the game!

Shop these babies here:

As for mascaras, I have 3 faves!

Number 1 is definitely Better Than Sex by Too Faced!
It's a little pricey for mascara (for me) but I think it is totally worth it.
It makes your lashes long & bold without getting clumpy!

I also love these two drugstore mascaras
The whole "Falsies" series by Maybelline is amazing
but another cheap brand that doesn't get a lot of hype is essence.
I bought Lash Princess because I'm a sucker for cute packaging but it actually is now one of my go-to mascaras!

You can shop all of these @ Ulta or right here:

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