Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Monday!
So, if you don't already know this....I'm obsessed with instagram & editing pictures.
I've always wanted to have a "theme" to my instagram feed,
 but I'm not one to commit to one particular filter or one style for anything.
Then I came across this amazing instagram account that shows you what effects to put on your photos
to get the exemplified look.
These filters are through VSCO which I highly recommend downloading for FREE!
I use VSCO to edit all of my photos.
So here are my top 10 favorite filters & effects coming straight from @ibestfilters on instagram!
The ones I use the most are HB1 & HB2 and those are what I've been using, with a little exposure and negative temperature, to create my instagram aesthetic!
here's a preview of my theme I'm working on.
So go check out @ibestfilters & test out some filters because it's so much fun and maybe you'll find your aesthetic!

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