Monday, December 28, 2015

The holiday may be over but I'm still very much in the spirit, so here's a recap of my Christmas weekend!

On Christmas Eve my sister and I received our onesie pajamas (from Target.)
We wore them grocery shopping and Mom was not thrilled about that, though we got tons of compliments!
We spent the night baking cookies, making some detox fruit water, and taking pictures of the Full Cold Moon,
which I was super excited about because I love the moon!
Then it was time for bed because Santa was coming!!
Fast-forward to about 9 AM, the coffee is made and we're ready to open some presents.
I got some new beauty/makeup products, over the knee suede boots, Nike sneakers, a little photo album for my polaroids, fun socks, a few articles of clothing, chocolate, and a few other random things.
For lunch, Dad cooked the typical holiday meal with ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, rolls, etc.
And later on, for dinner and dessert, we went to my cousin's house for our family gathering.
This outfit is definitely not the typical holiday outfit.
I don't think I've ever worn so much black in my life!
It was almost 70 degrees which is crazy for upstate New York.
I did throw on a tan knit cardigan over my t-shirt though.
But coming home from college I really didn't pack a lot surprisingly. I mainly packed comfy lounge clothes knowing I'd be just hanging around the house most days.
So I had such a hard time figuring out an outfit to wear. Also, I didn't want to dress up too much because I knew we would be at my cousin's all night and I would just be playing with all the little munchkins!
Everything in this outfit, except the sneaks, was new that day.
You can shop my outfit here:

On Saturday morning, my sister, Mom, and I woke up bright & early at 7 AM to go shopping with our friends. 
We ended up going to 3 different malls and getting some really good deals!
And to make up for the lack of rest, Sunday was spent sleeping in and laying in bed all day.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!
Here's a low-quality, but super cute selfie with my baby cousin Camden!

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