Monday, August 10, 2015

Good afternoon loves!

So this weekend I put together 2 different looks you can make with a simple striped shirt!
Since I have so many pictures I want to share with y'all I decided to create separate posts 
for each look over the next few days!

The first look is casual & preppy!

From head-to-toe, I'm wearing a light blue & gold statement necklace from Aeropostale, 
a fitting navy, striped quarter-sleeve shirt from L.O.G.G.,
Abercrombie baby blue shorts that are probably from middle school but I still love them,
my KJP Barrington Spinnaker bracelet,
a Jessica Simpson handbag (borrowed from my lovely photographer Jennifer)
& finally, my very comfy Maui Island boat shoes!

Shop a similar look here:

Check back tomorrow for look #2!

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