Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Lately I've been all about the basic and classic style.
After so many years of just buying everything "trendy" during different times, I don't have many classic items I can wear many times, during different seasons or things I can just style differently.
I've started to buy a few things including a tope colored leather jacket, some new jeans and some sweaters 
but a girl always has a wish list!
These are some things from Forever 21 that I really like and think would be great to wear and fun to style!
I don't necessarily plan on getting these exact items but in general I'm looking for these type of clothing items & accessories!
I think pairing these things with pops of color in a bag, shoes, or statement necklace would be so cute! 
There's just so much you can do with some basic tops & bottoms!
I can't wait for fall back at school so I can work on styling different outfits!

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